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Paul Woodward General Manager

Our General Manager, Paul Woodward, brings over 30 years of experience in the rubber industry to Rainbow Master Mixing.


custom compound mixingOur 21,000 square foot facility includes three mills. One 60" mill is dedicated to black fluoroelastomer mixing, one 60" mill is dedicated for various color formulations and one 42" mill is dedicated for less than standard size batches. All are supported by accessory equipment to provide your mixed material in slap or strip form.

We have the capability to size production batches from 25 pounds to 100 pounds.

Each batch of our mixed compounds is tested to ensure uniformity and quality.

Our compound quality control lab is capable of performing the following ASTM tests:

ODR, (D2084)
Mooney Scorch, (D1646)
Tensile/Elongation, (D412)
Hardness, (D2240)
Specific Gravity, (D471)
Compression Set, (D395)

For additional testing, we have developed relationships with several outside testing facilities.


  • My company has been a customer of Rainbow's for over 10 years. We're constantly calling in rush jobs and Rainbow is constantly rising to the challenge.

    Alison McBrian
  • We've tried other rubber compound mixing companies and they're just not as committed to quality as Rainbow is. I don't have to double-check incoming product when it comes from Rainbow; I know it's right every time.

    Jack Welch

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